Friday, 15 December 2017

Chin Up By Up Yours

When this little gem arrived in the post i didn't really know what to expect however the name had me hooked, if anything is called "Up Yours Gravity" i'm in!!!!!

I received the starter pack which is one use and it includes, a tape to measure before and after, the actual mask/product and then a stretchy chin strap to hold it on.

I did wonder whether i would actually see a difference with this as i would like to think i don't have "jowls" or a "double chin" however i am always open to tightening skin and i can definitely tell you i did notice a difference.

When you first apply the mask it feels quite cool and then it starts to warm up and tingle, i love anything that tingles as i feel like it's actually doing something so i was in heaven. You sit there in your chin strap ( which i did find quite comfortable ) for 30 mins and then remove and measure again.

From around my neck i lost about a centimetre so if you used this a few times you can imagine how much slimmer the neck would feel!!! My neck felt hydrated and when i looked in the mirror you could visibly see the difference in the skin.

There are a few different packs to choose from the WEBSITE so something for everyone!! Now who do i speak to about getting one of these for my whole face and body?

Monday, 21 March 2016

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold

If you follow my YouTube videos you will know that i have had some real troubles with fake tan in the past. I think i have tried just about every tan out there on the market until a couple of years ago when i suddenly started having allergic reactions to what i can only guess was the DHC ingredient that is in tans. I have been using He-SHi tan which is still a favourite however i had heard from my friend Hannah that Bondi Sands was amazing and i thought i would give it a go to see if my skin would react and the result couldn't of been better.

There is quite a few different formulas that Bondi Sands has within their range but i decided to go for the liquid gold dry oil as my skin gets very dry and thought it might of been slightly more genlt on my skin.

With my first application of a tan i tend to apply slightly less until i know how dark the tan goes, it suggests to spray the oil on the skin and then rub it in with a mitt which it what i did apart from on my face where i sprayed it on the mitt first. The first thing i noticed was the beautiful smell of coconut which occurs throughout the Bondi Sands range, if you know me you know my favourite smell if coconut so it will always have my vote regarding smell. The liquid is brown which is great because you can always tell where you have been or where you need to apply more.

The next day i was absolutely in love with the look and feel of the tan, it made my skin so soft and not remotely dry and it was a beautiful golden colour, which has made me really excited to try the rest of the range, especially as i didn't have a reaction which is a massive plus for me.

You can grab hold of Bondi Sands HERE and let me know if you have tried it. xxx

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment

As someone who's profession is using their hands a lot i am the worst person ever at looking after them. Time and time again i say i'm going to get better and this and i never do. So this year was going to be different (yeah right, although i have been better).

I love Molton Brown products but always seem to forget about them until i came across this little gem. It smells absolutely divine for a start and is a beautifully rich hand cream that soothes the driest of skin without being greasy or slippery. I find the smallest amount works which means this 40ml tube is going to last me an age.

If you are like me and forget to apply hand cream all the time i find the easiest way to remember is to have this one in your handbag and then another one by the sink, this has really helped me remind myself and i find the best time to apply it is straight after you have washed your hands to lock in moisture.

This one is £14 and you can grab yours HERE . Let me know if you have tried this one and what your favourite hand cream is. xx

OOTD: Camel and Black.

I have't filmed an OOTD video for so long and really felt inspired to do so, they get so requested but i generally wear so much black i'm sure you would all get bored lol. 

It's is one of my new years resolutions to film more OOTD videos for you when i'm not in black, so here goes.

Check out my new video below featuring my favourite camel coat.

Favourite Fragrances For Spring

As everyone probably knows i am a massive fragrance person, i can't even leave the house without making sure i am perfumed up to the max!

This is always one of my most requested videos also, so check out my video below for my new favourite fragrances for spring.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub

Last month i made a discovery, i know i'm probably late to the party but i am now officially obsessed with the scrubs from St Ives. I had heard so much about them through blogs and social media etc, so when i ran out of my regular face scrub last month i decided to pick one up.

I went for the blemish fighting scrub as i do tend to break out between my eyebrows and slightly onto my forehead so i love anything that helps to prevent that from happening, i also love a grainy scrub so this one seemed to fit the bill.

The first thing i noticed was the smell, it smells like apricots funnily enough but not in a synthetic way which really puts me off some skincare, especially being on my face. The grains are enough to feel like you have really scrubbed off any dead skin but not rough enough to hurt or make me look like i have been sunburned (you may laugh but this has definitely happened). 

Exfoliating my skin is probably one of my favourite parts of my skincare regime and this scrub has become a firm favourite, not only does it do absolutely everything you require from a face scrub but the price point makes it an absolute steal. at £4.19 who could say no? Grab yours HERE and let me know what you think. xx

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Topshop Khaki Bomber Jacket

I have wanted this Bomber jacket for a few months and as i received the obligatory Gift Cards for Christmas, it was definitely at the top of my "To Do" List. 

I have a similar one in black from H&M that i wear constantly so it;s no shock that this is now firmly part of my wardrobe as it goes with everything!!!!!

I love mixing this with different styles, as you can see from the photo i wear this so much with ripped jeans, it just works. I also love wearing it with an LBD and casual heeled boots or converse to make the dress a bit more casual. I also love dressing the jacket up and adding a faux fur scarf into the mix.

I'm sure you can tell from my ramblings how much i love a bomber, i think the next on my list is a black leather version. 

You can get hold of yours HERE and let me know your favourite way to style this jacket. 

Monday, 16 November 2015

J'adore Touche de Parfum

I started my love affair with J'adore a while ago and this fragrance has just fuelled my obsession. A couple of drops of the oil on your pulse points with your favourite J'adore fragrance layered over the top is pure luxury.

This allows you to tailor your fragrance just for you which is something i absolutely love and something that i think make the perfect gift. Although this is supposed to be layered with J'adore i have been using it with a lot of my favourites and it just works with anything.

To apply you just twist the lid and then lift the bead which captures the oil so you can apply to your pulse points.

This retails at £70 which for the amount you use i actually think is a real bargain, check it out HERE

Monday, 27 April 2015

Espa Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

As we are having some amazing weather here in the UK i felt like it was time for me to switch over to tinted mosituriser, which is something i do every year, i find i can't handle a full foundation on my skin every day when its warm. This is the first product i have used from Espa but it certainly won't be the last as i can't wait to get my hands on more of their gorgeous skin and body care.

this lightweight tinted moistursier comes in 4 shadesand has the added benefit of spf 15, which is always a must in a tinted moisturiser for me. It has a lovely matte finish and evens out the skin tone enough without feeling heavy at all.

This retails at £32 and you can get it from HERE or if you are in Norwich like me you can grab it from Style Health and Fitness which sells the full range of Espa goodies.