Friday, 15 December 2017

Chin Up By Up Yours

When this little gem arrived in the post i didn't really know what to expect however the name had me hooked, if anything is called "Up Yours Gravity" i'm in!!!!!

I received the starter pack which is one use and it includes, a tape to measure before and after, the actual mask/product and then a stretchy chin strap to hold it on.

I did wonder whether i would actually see a difference with this as i would like to think i don't have "jowls" or a "double chin" however i am always open to tightening skin and i can definitely tell you i did notice a difference.

When you first apply the mask it feels quite cool and then it starts to warm up and tingle, i love anything that tingles as i feel like it's actually doing something so i was in heaven. You sit there in your chin strap ( which i did find quite comfortable ) for 30 mins and then remove and measure again.

From around my neck i lost about a centimetre so if you used this a few times you can imagine how much slimmer the neck would feel!!! My neck felt hydrated and when i looked in the mirror you could visibly see the difference in the skin.

There are a few different packs to choose from the WEBSITE so something for everyone!! Now who do i speak to about getting one of these for my whole face and body?

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