My name is Jemima, I'm a fully qualified make-up artist and hair stylist and i love everything beauty and fashion related.

I first started a YouTube channel called pixiwoo3 which some of you may know, this channel was startet by Sam and Nic (of pixiwoo) as they are friends of mine and encouraged me to start making videos. This started as a casual thing but when i got back from traveling the world i decided along with pixiwoo to start a new channel under a different name (JemimaLou) as a lot of people were getting too confused with the old name and really work on building the new channel and upload regularly as i enjoyed it so much.

Along with the new channel came this blog, which covers everything make-up and beauty related such as how to videos, celebrity inspired tutorials and in depth product reviews, then i created a vlog channel called MimasMoments which covers everything else about my life like non beauty favourites and fashion etc.

I'm really trying to continue to make everything grow and become bigger and better and i hope that you all continue to enjoy the things i do.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read, comment, like, watch my videos, tweet me or comment on my Facebook. I really appreciate it and i hope i help some of you in the process and i try my best to carry out your requests and answer any questions that you may have.

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