Monday, 21 March 2016

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold

If you follow my YouTube videos you will know that i have had some real troubles with fake tan in the past. I think i have tried just about every tan out there on the market until a couple of years ago when i suddenly started having allergic reactions to what i can only guess was the DHC ingredient that is in tans. I have been using He-SHi tan which is still a favourite however i had heard from my friend Hannah that Bondi Sands was amazing and i thought i would give it a go to see if my skin would react and the result couldn't of been better.

There is quite a few different formulas that Bondi Sands has within their range but i decided to go for the liquid gold dry oil as my skin gets very dry and thought it might of been slightly more genlt on my skin.

With my first application of a tan i tend to apply slightly less until i know how dark the tan goes, it suggests to spray the oil on the skin and then rub it in with a mitt which it what i did apart from on my face where i sprayed it on the mitt first. The first thing i noticed was the beautiful smell of coconut which occurs throughout the Bondi Sands range, if you know me you know my favourite smell if coconut so it will always have my vote regarding smell. The liquid is brown which is great because you can always tell where you have been or where you need to apply more.

The next day i was absolutely in love with the look and feel of the tan, it made my skin so soft and not remotely dry and it was a beautiful golden colour, which has made me really excited to try the rest of the range, especially as i didn't have a reaction which is a massive plus for me.

You can grab hold of Bondi Sands HERE and let me know if you have tried it. xxx

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