Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bare Minerals

When you think of mineral makeup, there is one name that comes up more than most i have found and of course that is Bare Minerals, but for some reason i have never managed to get my hands on some. I am a massive fan of mineral foundations and this one has definitely been added to my list of favourites.

One of the main things i love about this is how easy and quick it is to apply, you dip your brush into the powder, swirl it around in the lid and then buff it into the skin. It has such a flawless finish and depending on your needs you can two different finishes, Original (which has a slight glow) and Matte. I have been using the original because i like a certain glow to my skin, it almost gives a cream like finish it really is beautiful!

If you don't already, check out my Instagram (JemimaLou) as i will upload a picture soon of how my skin looks using this foundation. This retails at £25 and you can check it out HERE

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