Monday, 24 March 2014

Elemis Skin Bliss Capsules Anniversary Duo

Not that i'm complaining but once again we getting a change in the weather in the UK, at the minute it seems for the better however i'm sure you all know just how quickly it can all go wrong and start raining again. This generally means one thing for me, my skin changes once again due to the different temperatures going on, i can go slightly more dry and de-hydrated than normal so i love to give my skin a little treat to help it in it's transition.

I have used the Elemis skin bliss capsules before and they were just incredible, the normal 30 day pot you get it such a treat for your skin which makes it glowing and healthy. For their 10th Anniversary Elemis have put together this duo with 60 capsules in each pot (so double the regular amount) including 2 mini travel pots for when you are on the move.

The pink pot (the day capsules) contains the rose capsules with a blend of pure moringa oil and rose absolute to renew and revitalise the skin and the green pot (the evening capsules) contains the lavender capsules which contain a blend of moringa oil and lavender essential oil which helps to restore and repair the skin overnight.

These capsules definitely help to sort my skin when it is having a little freak out and this is such an amazing duo for yourself or would make an amazing mothers day present. With the retail price being £79.50 (worth £124) you all need to snap one of these up. You can get them HERE

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