Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Primark Christmas Jumper

Every year i have the great idea to get a christmas jumper, i'm absolutely obsessed with christmas and i want to show it through my choice of jumper :-) however i'm always too late and they have all been snapped up. A few weeks  ago i came across this one in Primark and instantly grabbed my size.

I love the fact that the nose, scarf and buttons are 3D and the happy little snowman makes me smile, it was £12 which in my opinion is an absolute bargain and the fit is pretty good (i got an extra small and i am a size 6-8).

For the price i think the quality of the jumper is brilliant, some i have seen online have gone upwards of £60, now i love christmas but i do not want to pay that. If like me and the children of the world you have the spirit of christmas living inside of you, be sure to get yourself one of these happy little jumpers :-)

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