Tuesday, 17 September 2013

HealGel Face

I am already a massive fan of HealGel Intensive and HealGel Eye so it was only natural that i needed to complete my collection and try the HealGel Face and i am totally smitten! This like all the others does not fail to impress, it has such a nice texture that feels so smooth when applied, some gels i find go a bit tacky when soaking into the skin, this how ever just glides on.

This time of the year my skin always goes slightly more dry and needs a bit more attention, but i know this year i'm set, also HealGel face was created to have the maximum anti-aging effects whilst still rescuing the skin like the HealGel Intensive. The hyaluronic acid provides firmer and plumper skin and the blend of omega oils replenish and improve elasticity in the skin.

This retails at £48 and you can get it from www.healgel.co.uk

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