Wednesday, 9 November 2011

JO LOVES at Selfridges......

My favourite luxurious body care is by the amazing Jo Malone, her products are beautiful in every way, even down to the packaging, every detail of this brand i love!

I often get them for birthday/christmas pressies for my family (needless to say i have made fans out of all of them) so when i heard about her new launch i was mega excited!

JO LOVES is the much anticipated new fragrance venture from British beauty entrepreneur Jo Malone.
Capturing the things in Jo's life that inspire her, from ingredients and people to moments in time, JO LOVES will launch with four unique fragrances each with their own distinctive personality; ‘Pomelo’ is Clean and Crisp, ‘Green Orange & Coriander’ is Soulful and Sassy, ‘Orange Tulle’ is Fun and Flirty and ‘Gardenia’ is Rich and Regal. 

JO LOVES will launch with Pomelo beginning Monday 7th November and each individual fragrance will launch one day after the other until Thursday 10th November.

Each fragrance is as beautiful as the next and if you all love Jo Malone as much as i do, you will adore this collection. It is now available at Selfridges, i will add the link for you (HERE) 

I hope you all enjoy and let me know if you treat someone or yourself to this awesome gift this Christmas!

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  1. wow, it does sound amazing, and it is nice to get away from the usual brands.. i did arched my brows though, when i saw the price! :)
    i am sure it is well worth it though, hope santa is feeling generous this year!
    baci! x