Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Elemis Freshskin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash

When it comes to cleansing in the morning i do love a gel texture, i'm not really sure why i think because it's quite light and fresh so tends to wake me up a bit more, i also don't need anything as rich in the morning as i'm not taking any makeup off. As i am also a massive fan of a good exfoliator as well if i can combine the two......winner!

This one from Elemis Freshskin combines everything i love to use in my morning cleansing routine, it has a soft fruity scent which i put down to the cherry powder, mandarin and jojoba beads, so as it glides over my face i am slightly tempted to lick it (not recommended).

Just a pea sized amount of this cleanses my whole face so no need to go squeezing out half of the tube to feel any sort of effect and after your skin feels so soft and radiant which in my eyes is everything i want from a good face wash.

This is a steal at £13 and you can check it out HERE

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