Thursday, 30 January 2014

Babyliss Boutique Loose Waves

Although my main set of expertise lies within make-up, i am actually trained in hair as well and i absolutely love a tool or gadget that is going to make my hair or a client's hair look luscious and is mega easy to use because let's face it, anything that can cut down time is essential in this business.

I have to say i am a massive fan of Babyliss as a brand, i have 3 various curling/waving wands and a hairdryer from them and they are all fab, cost affective and easy to get hold of. Last year for my birthday my sister bought me this amazing bit of kit, i was slightly dubious to start with, purely because my hair is finer so bigger barrels don't normally do much for me but i love the effect of them.

If you want a tight curl or tighter wave this is not the wand for you, but if you want a soft wave that looks like you have had an amazing blow dry with it then this is just the puppy for you. I use it in a few ways, if you alternate waving the hair backwards then forwards round the barrel you get an amazing beachy wave, wrapping every section backwards i find  i get more of soft wave at the end which looks like a great blow dry was involved and wrapping each section forwards round the wand you get the most amazing vintage curl which i have to say is one of my favourites (see pic below).

This is a picture of me and my gorgeous friend Amy at a Christmas party which some of you may have seen on my instagram (JemimaLou), i just loved the vintage look it gave to my hair. If any of you lovelies would like to see a tutorial on this hairstyle then please let me know.

You can get this wand for the absolute steal of £19.99, check it out HERE and of course let me know if you already use this and love it :-)

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