Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My Scent of the Season

I was introduced to this fragrance (Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy) by Aneliese (who you will have seen in some of my vids), it smelled absolutely amazing on her! Normally warm scents don't really suit me, so i gave it a bit of a test out and had a few compliments which is always a winner with me lol!

I've been wearing it more and more through the autumn and it's quickly becoming my scent of the season as all of my other fragrances are more on the fresh side suiting the summer better. I love the capsule shape of the bottle i think it's quite nifty and more practical as you can remove either end turning it into two 50ml bottles, which is better for travel.

Check it out HERE and let me know what your scent of the season is :-)

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