Monday, 7 October 2013

Marc Jacobs Daisy

When it comes to perfumes one thing that is important to me is whether not other people can actually smell it and of course that you get lot's of compliments of your lovely perfume :-). I think this is the one perfume that stays on me all day and i get a ridiculous amounts of "nice smell" comments.

I have been wearing it for a few years now and the scent just doesn't get old, it's light and of course floral but not in an old lady, heavy floral way. It's light, fresh and inviting, when ever my friends wear it it reminds me just how much i love it. I generally love to the EDP in any fragrance just for the staying power but the EDT lasts longer on the skin than any other EDT i have ever used.

This is the perfect christmas gift for someone as the bottle is so beautiful and i have not yet met anyone who doesn't love it. The 50ml ETP retails at £54, check it out HERE and get free delivery.

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