Saturday, 28 September 2013

Mac staunchly Stylish Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

On a day to day basis i'm quite lazy with my makeup and i want to wear things that are going to last because generally i forget to re-apply or even look in a mirror to see if my face has melted off. I tend to wear this lip liner most days and here are the reasons why.

It actually does stay on, i know a lot of brands have a claim to their products but this really does last, it may need one more application through the day (obviously depending on what you are doing) but it has great staying power.

The colour is a perfect day to day colour for me i almost wear it with everything, i do apply it all over my lip so it is easy to blend in with most other colours but for me it is the perfect combination of pink/beige. If you apply it on your hand it does look quite dark but on the lips it is perfect.

The texture is not drying unlike most long wearing products, i don't feel the need to apply loads of lip balm after wearing this for a day.

This genuinely is a staple product in my everyday makeup bag, i do love all of the pro longwear lipliners that MAC have but this is definitely a staple.

They retail at £14.50 and you can get them from HERE 

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