Thursday, 12 September 2013

Jo Malone Rose Water and Vanilla Cologne Intense

I have always been a massive fan of Jo Malone, every fragrance is beautiful, every product does exactly what you want it to do and smell how you want it to smell and most of all the packaging of it all is amazing. If i have ever bought these as gifts i always get good brownie points!

They have recently brought Jo Malone to Norwich which is very exciting for me as i only normally get the chance to have a whiff in London so i was like a kid in a candy store when it opened yesterday! I have to say i love every scent but Pomegranate Noir has to be my all time favourite but i desperately wanted to have a good feel for all of the lovely fragrances. First impressions were the shop looked amazing, the merchandising of a Jo Malone store is second to none and all of the staff are just lovely!

As i was having a good sniff around a stumbled across the Rose Water and Vanilla Cologne Intense (which is basically just a stronger, slightly more expensive version of their already incredible fragrances), This has me straight away, the only way i can describe it is i think it smells of the cupcake dolls you used to be able to get when i was young (i am probably showing my age here) so when ever i smelt it i thought of cakes.

I guess not everyone wants to smell of cakes but it's a lovely sweet vanilla smell that just stayed on my skin for ages, another great thing about Jo Malone as a brand is they are not pushy to make a sale, they give you all of the information needed and even tell you to go away and keep smelling it through the day and see what you think which i love!

Needless to say of course this was purchased, it retails at £100 and only comes in the bigger size of 100ml, you can check it out HERE i know it's slightly pricey but you only need a couple of squirts and this is definitely going to be a special occasion fragrance for me and it looks so pretty sitting on my dressing table :-)

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