Monday, 19 August 2013

Smashbox Longwear Blush

I had heard a lot about these blushers and it doesn't take mush to persuade me to purchase something, so off i went (to my laptop) to get my hands on one of these. It's always harder online as you can't see the colours as well but i decided on the "Peachy Dream" shade as i am always partial to a peach toned blush.

My first impressions were good, i like the "Grinder" it has on the top so you can use a small amount of blusher at a time, although be careful as i found if you grind too much out, it does make a bit of a mess (as do all loose powders). The colour applies really smooth and evenly, its nice because it quite a sheer wash of colour to the cheek instead of resembling a clown :-)

The colour is really pretty for the summer, probably a tad more pink than peach i would say but i do really liek it and have used it solidly for the past 2 weeks, i also feel liek you get loads of product for your money.

This product retails at £23 and you can get your hands on it HERE

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