Thursday, 8 August 2013

MAC Cremewash

So i know that MAC are not as well known for their skincare but i have to say i have been loving their Cremewash. It's nothing fancy and doesn't claim anything specific but i have been using it every morning and night for a couple of months and i have to say it does exactly what you want a cleanser to do.

I squeeze a small amount onto my hand with a small amount of water, create a foam and then massage it into my face. It feels so soft and removes every speck of make-up on my face and i have found it's great for any skin type especially if you find something oily breaks you out, this is the cleanser for you. It even has a very subtle hint of a smell (not too fragranced) it just smells very clean.

This retails at £15.50 which i think is an absolute bargain price compared to a lot of the cleansers that are on the market now and it lasts for because it foams you only need a small amount. You can check it out HERE

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