Thursday, 29 August 2013

HealGel Eye

For a long time i have been looking for an eye cream that when i used it i actually feel like it making a difference, which hadn't really happened until i came across HealGel eye. It is a very lightweight gel that doesn't feel heavy or like it is dragging the delicate eye area down. I have been using this for around a month now and i can actually say i can see the difference, generally my under eye without concealer looks like i have been punched in both eyes, however since using this i have definitely noticed the colour has gone down and looks a lot smoother.

Not only is the product fab, i love the pump on the bottle. It may sound stupid but i hate a pump that is either really difficult to squeeze, or gives you so much product it drowns your under eye. The pump on this gives you exactly the right amount of gel so there is no wastage.

This product retails at £32 which for me is 100% worth it for anything that gets rid of my hideous eye bags, you can get it from

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