Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

So a long long time ago (when i was a lot younger) i used to work for Laura Mercier and i remember in my training this product was mentioned A LOT as in everything came back to the secret camouflage. I remember being quite scared of it at the start because the consistency was quite dry and as i had not been out of college long i was scared of everything and the prospect of mixing something to make someones skin tone seemed a lot of responsibility to my young naive self.

After a while of being there and having interactions with other members of staff who of course loved this i finally became more and more comfortable with it and realised that you can mix this with eye creams to sheer it down and working it in with your fingers just melts it into the skin perfectly, event he fact that this could cover just about anything would blow my mind, even the fact of mixing and tailoring it to each customer became my favourite part.

I haven't had this product for a while but re-purchased it the other day as i was remembering the infatuation i ended up having with it back then and now i remember why. You need the smallest amount and it gets rid of the biggest of my blemishes or eye bags and i just love to mix stuff :-)

This retails at £26 and this product lasts so long i definitely feel it is worth the money and essentially you are getting 2 concealers in one you can just mix your perfect shade the whole way through the year.


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