Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

As i am an absolute skincare fanatic i was mega excited when i received this product in my Selfridges beauty box. I have used many skincare sprays before but never this one, although i had heard lots of good reviews. When i finally got my hands on one i was going through a bit of a nightmare with my skin, I had a breakout for some reason or another so i was trying to make a conscious effort to be extra careful with the products i was applying to my face.

I started spraying this on as a toner (so after i had cleansed and exfoliated) and during the day to refresh my skin and i have to say i really think this product helped my skin to clear up a lot! I love Caudalie as a brand, everything i have ever used from them has been amazing and they are paraben free and against animal testing which is always comforting.

The Beauty Elixir retails at £32 for 100ml and you can get it from 


  1. Hi
    This is on my shopping list great it has cleared your skin
    What cleanser do you use

  2. I recently rediscovered this.... I use it on top of makeup of my skin looks a bit dull and sometimes before if am having a bad skin day. Smells lovely too.