Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream

I first received this product in a GlossyBox and to be honest i put it on my shelf and only picked it up a few weeks ago. I half wondered if a mousse would make my hair feel soft as i am used to sticky mousses that make your hair crunchy.

I washed my hair as normal and then applied this to my hair as i would my hair oil which is just before i blow dry. It smelled amazing (just like a vanilla milkshake funnily enough) and didn't feel sticky at all! After my hair was completely dry (whilst slightly still skeptical on how my hair would feel) i just couldn't believe how soft and light it felt in my hair.

It didn't weigh it down and all and just felt super soft! This is such an easy product to apply and i can see it quickly becoming part of my favourite hair products!

This retails at £12.55 which is an absolute bargain for a 200ml bottle, you can get it HERE

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  1. This also became one of my favorite hair product after receiving it in a goodiebox and yes it smells amazing! :)