Monday, 14 January 2013

Real Techniques Brushes

I have to give some 2013 love to the Real Techniques Brushes, not only are they amazing they have an amazing price point as well and are so widely available!

They are by the amazing Pixiwoo sisters who we all know and love which also leaves me safe in the knowledge you have got a great product being from professional Make-up artists. They are all made from synthetic hair which helps when cleaning as you don't get bristles that splay out, they are perfect for all liquid, powder or cream products and a massive plus is being synthetic they are obviously cruelty free.

As you can see from the pic you have the handy case which is perfect for travel and also you can use them to be displayed as the case folds over and acts like a stand.

I think i have almost all of the RT brushes and i also have some very expensive real hair brushes and i have to say some of these brushes have changed my life forever and have quickly taken over some of my favourite real hair brushes!

You can buy some of these brushes in singles and others in sets, they range from £6.99 - £21.99 which is a perfect price point that doesn't leave anyone out no matter what your budget may be i also think they would be perfect for someone that wants to start off their brush collection.

Check them out HERE

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