Friday, 18 January 2013

Bobbi Brown Bronzer

So if you watch my videos you may know that this bronzer from Bobbi Brown is quickly becoming my new favourite and i thought i would tell you a few reasons why. My favourite type of bronzer is matte, purely because i generally contour my face with a bronzer and it kind of defeats the object of contour if it has a shimmer, also if you are using it to give your face colour i don't really want i glittery face.

As with many matte products they can be a lot harder to blend just because of the texture but i find this particular bronzer to blend perfectly with out any problems. Another problem i have found with some matte bronzers is the colour pay off, i feel you have to swipe the brush quite a few times over the powder to get you required amount but again this product has great pigmentation and colour pay off so with this one i tend to use a smaller amount a build it up if i need to which means it lasts a lot longer.

This comes in 5 different shades, i use Medium No 2, it retails at £27 check it out HERE

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  1. Can't wait to try this! I have been using the boujour one, and I just don't find it has enough pigmentation in it :(. Will be trying this one out, can't wait to (try) get that summer glow back! x