Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mac Fling Eyebrow Pencil

So everyone know how much i love and use this brow pencil but i thought i would just tell you all exactly why. I find being blonde (very blonde) it's hard to get a brow pencil that hasn't got an golden orangey undertone which is completely wrong for my hair which is very ashy! If you have the same problem then have no fear this is the product for you.

This is a self propelling brow pencil (but be careful it twists up and not down again) so you never need to sharpen it, it's quiet waxy which i like as i find it holds the brows in place better and its lovely and soft which on one hand can mean you can use it up quite quickly but the reason i love it is, if my brow pencil is too hard then my already non existent brows still don't really show.

I think the fact i use this colour in every video and believe me i have tried most other brands, shows how much i love it (and the fact i buy 2 at a time as i can't be without it). This retails at £12.50 which i think is really good compared to some other high end brands, check it out HERE :-)

1 comment:

  1. I love MAC eyebrow pencils for their waxiness, especially the twist ones.
    When I was your blonde (near white) I used lingering because my eyebrows were darker.
    It'd be great if you could do a eyebrow shade video xxx