Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Matrix amplify wonder boost root lifter

So as i'm sure your all aware, i am always on the search for amazing volumizing/root lifting products as my hair is pretty soft and fine so it sends to just hang. I have been using this product for a few months now and been meaning to write a blog about it but just haven't had the chance yet so here goes...

This product is just amazing, i apply some when my hair is very wet after washing just at the root  (and as you can see by the shape of the nozzle it is easily aimed) and start to blow dry my hair, when my hair is about 80% dry i will then apply a little more to the roots of just the top section of my hair and it gives it that extra boost that i need! I can't feel that i have even put product in my hair liek some volumizing products i have used which tend to leave a residue, if anything it makes it feel silkier. The effect lasts the day, i wouldn't say it lasts longer but you can always add more to the hair even if it is dry you just need to add the heat of the hair dryer to activate it.

I would definitely recommend this product to those of you that need a bit of a boost, it's my favourite volumizing product at the moment and at just £10.25 i feel it's a bargain. Check it out HERE


  1. Do you still have hair extensions? I have the micro ring ones and was wondering if products like this are safe to use at the root? as i was always told to keep products away from the roots, but i'd love to try out this product!
    Laura x

    1. i do still have my hair extensions and i find that this products is fine, with the bonds i know its not great to use anything remotely oily at the roots as it will break down the bonds but this has no oily residue at all but i have never had the micro loops so i'm not really sure what things you have to avoid

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