Friday, 9 March 2012

Products i am loving!

Hey guys just a little blogpost of a few products i have discovered recently that i think are awesome!!!

Mac have a new collection out Chenman Love and Water, this pigment is called Naval Blue and i think it's just beautiful. I love the pigments anyway for the colour payoff and the fact they can be used in so many different ways not just as eyeshadow but this colour i think is just amazing, it's a really deep rich blue. The pigments are £15.50 and you can check it out HERE

I have been in love with the Mega Mushroom skincare range for a long time and it is always something i would go back to time and time again, i am always conscious about wearing eye cream as sometimes i think it is something that can easily be forgotten but its one of those things as i child my mum always told me to use. This lightweight eye serum is perfect it doesn't feel heavy in anyway and doesn't clog the skin i just love it. At £37 it's certainly not the cheapest eye serum on the market but i would pay that anyday of the week for this, check it out HERE

Dior have quite a few of the Miss Dior fragrances now, but his one as it says in the name is a lovely fresh fragrance which seems to be the sort of scent i love, am drawn too and suits me best so naturally i love this it's perfect for spring/summer, not only that the little ribbon you see round the neck of the bottle comes off and i use it as a keyring (i know that is random and useless fact). It's £49 which i think is really good for perfume and you can check it out HERE

Armani have a beautiful range of sheer lipsticks in a good range of colour, they cover the lips with a luminous sheer colour that moisturises and lasts and certainly makes in impact. These lipsticks are £22 (which again isn't cheap) but i would not hesitate to purchase one of these fabulous colours. Check them out HERE

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  1. Uhh these Armani lipsticks sound lovely...I definitely need to check them out :) Thanks for sharing xx