Wednesday, 12 October 2011


As i couldn't figure out how to put pics up on my traveling video i thought as it is coming up to the anniversary of me leaving, i would show you all a few.

This is Chang Mai which is Northern Thailand, we went to the Tiger Kingdom and i got the most amazing chance to snuggle this cub, but wait until you see the next pic!

This was slightly scary but amazing!

This is a view from a mountain top in Chang Mai, it was beautiful!

We went on an Elephant trek while in Chang Mai, we camped in the jungle for a night which was such an awesome experience to wake up to this.

The beautiful Koh Phi Phi beach which has to be one if my favourite places ever!

This is slightly random i know but i loved the Chang beer in Thailand especially after being in the sun all day there is nothing better than a nice cold beer (obviously mine was the large).

This was the beach we had outside our villa in Koh Phangan, it was a small treat in the month we were there so we made the most of it before we were back in hostels!

As we arrived in Singapore we were greeted by this huge santa, being away at christmas was the hardest but i loved seeing it from another country, although no one does christmas like family!

I had never seen anything like this hotel before, unfortunately i couldn't afford to stay there but when i win the lottery i'm definitely going back to Singapore to stay in one of their amazing hotels!!

The famous Raffles hotel where the Singapore sling was invented, i had one but it cost me $30!!!!!

Obviously the famous Sydney opera house, this is so surreal looking at something i have only seen on T.V!

And what would the opera house be with out the Harbour Bridge!

Bondi Beach on a slightly colder day as you can see by the lack of people but still amazing to see!

This is the YHA we stayed ta in Yamba, which is a tiny place but i couldn't recommend it more. I had one of the best times in my life here as the hostel owners are so friendly and make everyone feel at home, if oyu ever go to OZ please please go!

One of the many amazing beaches Byron Bay has to offer!

I couldn't go to OZ without going to Australia Zoo which is the home of Steve Irwin, i wanted to take this little guy home!

This is Lake Mckenzie on Fraser Island where i spent my New Years Eve last year, i'm still not sure if this was real, i couldn't believe the colour of this fresh water lake.

This was the view of Mt Maunganui.

This was a Cafe called Circus Circus funnily enough they had decorated the place like a circus with clowns hanging from the ceiling and my Hot Chocolate came served in a bowl, which is my opinion is the only way to drink it!

This was South Sea island (the first i stayed on in Fiji) it was seriously small and looked like somehting from a postcard!

I took this pic to show just how clear the water was, i still can't believe it when i look back at this, i was so lucky to of seen it!

One of the many sunrises i saw in Fiji!

Im sorry if that was boring but it was just a small insight into my traveling experience, if any of you are thinking about going, please don't hesitate it will be the best experience of your life and everything will be exactly how you left it when you get back :-)

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  1. Looks amazing. I'm so jealous of your entire trip (but mostly of the tiger cub). :-)