Sunday, 23 October 2011

Calling everyone in Norwich!

So we all know how much i love my Aveda hair products at the minute and i was in Aveda in Norwich this week replenishing my products when one of the ladies asked me if i wanted my hair styled for a small donation which goes to water aid.

I said yes as this is a good cause and always love my hair being played with and it was amazing! The ladies in the are really good and professional and i loved what she did, i also saw her do another girl when i was in there that had an amazing french plait up do!

So if you are in the Norwich area i really recommend going especially as it is for Water Aid (they only asked me for a small donation so i assume what ever you can afford).

Next time i will take a pic and please let me know if you go in there as i would love to know what you have done!


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