Friday, 16 September 2011

My Hairdresser.

For everyone who has asked or may want to know where i get my hair cut, it's a hairdresser in Norwich called Cream Hair Associates.

I get my hair cut by the lady who owns it, her name is Stacey.  The reason i love to go there is because i find a hairdresser i truly trust hard to find, but Stacey really listens to me and understand what i want or has some great suggestions if i ever want to change my hairstyle. She also understands the needs of hair very well i.e if you have very thick or very fine hair.

My mum, sister and i all go to Stacey and all have very different hair so it's a great example of how good she is with different hair types (as are all of the girls that work there). for those of you who live in Norwich or would just like to have a look i will put a link to the website at the bottom.



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