Thursday, 11 August 2011

Summer Nails

Here are 2 nail varnishes i am loving for the summer and may even make it into my V Festival must haves!

The Revlon "One perfect coral" is a red/orange with a cream texture i would say and looks good even with one coat (although i always use 2), it's such a pretty colour and seems to go with everything!

The Avon Coral Beat i am totally in love with, it is very orange rather than coral in my opinion which is perfect for me as i seem to have a thing about orange things at the minute. i find it definitely needs 2 coats but it is on it just stays on, i find Avon nail varnishes amazing they just don't chip! I wear this a lot on my toes (which take a beating in high heels) and it's on forever! This is definitely a summer must have for me!

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