Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Hair Routine

Here are the products that i find work for me at the minute, as i have fine hair i love products that will give me volume.......

The Aveda Pure Abundance Shampoo and Conditioner i find really helps to give my hair body but still makes it feel soft.

The volumizing tonic i spray right at the roots all over my head to give me lots of lift.

I use 3 pumps of the phomollient in my hands and rub through the rest of my hair which also gives a light hold.

I Use a very small amount of the macadamia oil and rub it through the ends before i blow dry and it stops the ends from getting too dry if you use lots of heat on your hair, you can also use this as a styling product if you want to smooth out your hair.

I then use a big round brush to give me lots of lift and volume when blow drying my hair, i always section my hair when drying to maximize volume!

Once my hair is dry, i backcomb using my backcombing brush which is good for smoothing as well.

For my day to day hair i use Elnett hairspray which is great as you can brush it out very easily and has a light hold so you still have lots of movement. I also use it lots on shoots or on bridal hair.

If i want maximum hold (generally for a night out) i use Aveda control force which really does not move so it's perfect if you really don't want any fly away hairs.

If i want lots of root lift i sometimes use the Osis dust it powder, you sprinkle some at the roots and rub it in and i feel my hair doubles in size. I generally only use this if i am going out as afterwards your hair feels............horrible basically! But it perfect for a one night thing but i don't think i would use this product everyday.

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  1. Hey Jemima!

    Awesome video! Thanks for the info! I have the aveda root lift which I love and that fairy dust powder!!! Lol!! You are so right, it makes your hair feel like a gooey sponge!! But it works like magic!!
    Off to buy aveda! ;)

    Thanks so much!!!